Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 2011

Cute little guy is just waiting for snow!

By the Garrett family's recommendation we started our Christmas celebrating by going to Midway for the Interfaith Creche display at the Homestead. It was wonderful!!! I was impressed by the number and varieties. Both Rylee and Garrett agreed that it was one of their favorite Christmas activities this year.

We made a trip to Salt Lake with Mom and Alisa to visit Aunt Diane. Rylee was THRILLED, she thinks Diane is spectacular (which she is, of course) and we had a tasty lunch at Red Robin.

After lunch Alisa and I were able to deliver the $2347 to Bryson at Primary Children's Hospital.

What an amazing, sweet, strong little boy! My heart was full of gratitude for the healthy children I have and hope that Bryson will make it through this long and painful journey.

We had our Smith party which is always fun especially since this is the one time during the year I see the majority of these cousins.

Dad and his brothers each took turns telling us about Grandma and Grandpa Smith. Grandpa died when my dad was three and Uncle Kayl would have been one so their memories were just things that they had always been told. Grandma Smith was an amazing and inspiring woman!

We enjoyed a beautiful nativity and songs by the Young Women and Men at our ward party.

It really was incredible!
And what party would be complete without a visit from Santa!

Despite the awkward facial expression Garrett was so excited! Rylee wouldn't go near him and Austin was simply curious but didn't cry.

Next came the Nutcracker. Shellie and I took Garrett, Rylee and cousin Madi.

I LOVE our Nutcracker tradition!

I truly enjoyed watching Garrett try with all his might not to smile or sing during his Christmas program. I even snuck into the second performance hoping if he didn't see me he would in fact perform. No luck! But he's still too darn cute in that Santa hat.

We welcomed Jon's sister Lindsay and her family and were able to meet the newest member of the Sebastian. We had dinner with Jon's family three nights in a row and this is the only picture I managed to take. What? Hopefully more to come before the return home.

Rylee's Preschool program was so cute. They each got to chose a part for the Nativity.

Rylee was one of the three Wisemen(or Queens)

Unlike her brother she used her fingers to try and pry her smile off. This was the first and last song Rylee stood with her class for.

We celebrated Austin's 1st Birthday!!!!

It's hard to express how much I love this little dude. He is so much fun!

He loves playing with his brother and sister and being the center of attention at any family function.

He is walking, getting into all sorts of mischief (pulling the toilet paper, flushing toilets, emptying drawers, etc.) The best part - I think it's adorable and not all that annoying. Check back in a few month and I may change my story but for now...adorable.

He's starting taking his bath in the big tub and can't get enough. Whenever he hears the water turn on (for anyone's shower or bath) he comes barreling in to join.

The cake!

Happy Mom and Dad!

Austin and Sebastian "The Grandma Stealer"

Opening presents.

It's official - he likes sugar!

Happy Birthday my sweet Austin James!!!

I finished Rylee's apron just in time for Christmas.

I have to document that I actually sewed and I created something with my own little imagination.

On Christmas Eve we ventured out to Saratoga Springs for an open house with Jon's dad and wife.

How cute is this? Great Grandma Gray and Austie.

Gary, Garrett and Jon

Christmas Eve night our little family enjoyed watching Luke 2 and then reading from the New Testament. After that we had dinner at Shellie's with everyone and opened presents. So fun!

Christmas morning the kids couldn't wait to run downstairs and start tearing into the presents.

Even Austin got a little excited about the presents and tried to open them. Mostly he love the ornaments on the tree.

Rylee with some of her Calico Critters

Garrett's long awaited for "animal book just like Doug's" that's been on his wish list for about 1 1/2 years!

Austin getting a little help from his siblings.

Jammies from Great Grandma and Grandpa!

Helping Daddy get his toy ready.
Miraculously we were able to open present and get ready for church in one hour! We enjoyed the program and the kids were so good but as soon as the closing prayer was said they asked if they could hurry and get home to play with presents!
We spent the day playing and relaxing and then went to mom and dad's for a delicious dinner.

Malin helping Austin open a present!

For those of you who've never seen this's a GENUINE smile from my Father. Merry Christmas Dad and Happy Smoking (smoking meat that is).

Christmas night the kids fell right to sleep. I went to check on them before crawling into bed myself and saw Garrett snuggled with one of his new stuffed dinosaurs. "Oh how sweet I thought" then I felt a bulge under the blanket.

Seven dinosaurs snuggled from head to toe! I love that kid!!!

The following day Jon took Garrett on his first pheasant hunt. Ecstatic is an understatement! He let everyone know that he would not be available to play because his Dad was taking him hunting.

They got two!

The month still isn't over so I'm sure I'll have to update next week.


tiff said...

I'm dying at those pics of Austin--I can't believe he's a year old!

And I'm glad that my kids aren't the only ones at concerts, etc. that like to underplay their performances. :) I feel like I'm always sitting next to the mom whose child is going to be the next big thing on Broadway...

Amanda said...

That apron is adorable. Such a fun post, Jamie! Love you!